Shandong Weiji Carbon-tech Co.

Comparing with traditional industrial materials, the high-tech carbon material has superior properties. With the evolution of industrial technologies, so as the higher requirements of energy saving and low-carbon economy, the high-tech carbon material is playing an increasingly important role among the developing of industrial.。

Shandong Weiji Carbon-tech Co. serves mainly high-tech carbon materials. We can provide a complete set of thermal processing solutions for the application of high-tech carbon materials in the high temperature fields for our customers. Among the past 20 years, Weiji has established solid connections with other world leading companies in related fields. Our business includes international trade, production, processing, material purification, R&D, technical consulting, and so on. Our products and services have involved with national leading companies among all related fields. We also have outstanding sales team who can provide our customers with complete sales & aftersales services via our developed sales network.

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