Supply of light rod sintering and optical fiber drawing carbon products in the optical communication industry, as well as thermal field optimization designers

• Light rod sintering application: provide high-purity silicon carbide coated furnace core tube. The high-temperature thermal field is mainly composed of high-purity graphite, and the thermal insulation part is composed of a high-purity cured thermal insulation layer.

• Application of optical fiber drawing: Provide multi-specification and multi-style high-purity mid-core tube and high-purity muffle tube, uniquely apply pyrolytic carbon coating parts under ultra-high temperature, and also provide high-purity graphite parts with super oxidation resistance.

       Optical fiber preforms are the most important basic materials for the production of optical fibers and optical cables, and are mainly used for the drawing of optical fibers. It is an upstream product with high technical content and relatively short supply in the optical fiber and cable industry. It represents the highest technology of optical communication technology and is known as the "jewel in the crown" of the optical communication industry.