Thermal Field Installation

        Our company has a professional thermal field installation team. The on-site service department is mainly engaged in the thermal field installation work on the customer's site. With 20 years of growth and experience, our team has completed and debugged the installation of more than 1,000 sets of various thermal fields. The on-site service department will strictly follow the installation service process from the moment it receives the customer's request. After the installation work is completed, our team will also periodically visit after-sales customers to assist customers in solving problems in use, and further accumulate experience and improve solutions.

Mapping and Retrofitting

        Our company has an independent engineering service team, which can conduct on-site surveying and mapping, transformation design, product drawing, etc. according to customer needs. At present, our technical level can serve various technical transformation projects related to polycrystalline ingot and Czochralski single crystal. We can also serve thermal field maintenance in heat treatment related industries, as well as local design, surveying and drawing in other industries.

Technical Consulting

        We are committed to becoming the most professional supplier of carbon products, and we have established a professional technical consulting team from the very beginning. Our technical consulting team specializes in technical exchanges, consultation and exploration with the market and customers. At present, our team can provide customers with complete services, from pre-sale solution exchange, in-sale design & installation, and after-sale maintenance optimization, etc., to get in touch with customers in the whole process.