Our company has a technological innovation R&D team led by several senior engineers, employs professors from famous universities and technical experts from well-known enterprises at home and abroad as technical consultants, focuses on the R&D, design and theoretical research of carbon materials and related equipment, and has undertaken a number of national, provincial and municipal scientific and technological innovation projects. The technology center of our company has become the headquarters for enterprises to carry out scientific and technological innovation, which has promoted enterprises to establish a technological innovation system with engineering technology research center as the main way, making enterprises gradually become the main body of technological development and innovation. The company has established long-term cooperative relations with a number of colleges and universities at home and abroad for joint development, talent training, academic research and achievement transformation. Scientific and technological innovation has always been in the forefront of the same industry. Our technology center was selected as Jinan enterprise technology center, Shandong high temperature carbon material engineering technology research center and Shandong enterprise technology center.
         In the field of high-temperature carbon materials and high-temperature equipment, the company has successively developed advanced equipment serving high-temperature carbon materials, such as 2400 ℃ large-scale ultra-high-temperature graphitization furnace and 2400 ℃ ultra-high-temperature purification experimental furnace, which has laid a foundation for the development of high-temperature carbon materials of the company. All products have their own intellectual property rights, and the technical level of many products has reached the leading level in China, The technical level of some products is close to the international level.